Microwave Usage in the Kitchen

Here is one use of microwave, which you might be already familiar with - the use of microwaves in the kitchen. In almost all the western countries, a microwave oven has become an indispensable part of the kitchen. Although we deploy it to preheat or cook our foods, a good share among us might not have any notion into the underlying principles of a microwave oven.

The oven consists of a magnetron, which is a device that generates microwaves of a specific frequency. So, how does the appliance help in cooking savoring dishes? Tiny molecules of water are present in almost all the food materials. The microwaves generated by the magnetron would move these molecules with high velocities - to produce heat. In simpler terms, the cooking of the food occurs from the inside to the outside. This is one reason why a bowl of water placed in a microwave oven boils within 30 seconds!

Health experts classify microwave cooking as healthy cooking. With the aid of a microwave oven, we can largely avoid the use of oils, fats and butter. Poultry products and meat contain trace levels of these elements, which would ooze out while cooking them in an oven. Another advantage of the microwave oven is the speed with which it cooks the food. One will be able to prepare delicious meals within a short span of time, say 30 minutes. Uniform cooking is another aspect, which makes this appliance a favorite among the masses.

Although experts tout the effectivity of microwave ovens, the results of certain research conducted into the niche induce even more confusion into the minds of the commoners. According to these professionals, the microwaves absorbed by the food materials, when consumed will generate a host of ill effects within the body. They attribute the sharp rise in the number of cancer patients due to the incessant use of microwaves for cooking anything and everything.

Certain study conducted into the paradigm also pointed at the faulty levels of insulation provided with the microwave oven by the respective manufacturers. The operator is subjecting himself or herself to a steady stream of microwaves that could alter the basic cellular structures in their body. Needless to state but it would facilitate the development of cancerous cells. The consumer has to accept the risk factor while using these appliances.

Yet another common use of microwaves in the kitchen is to automate the lighting conditions. We have already realized the potentials of microwaves as automatic door openers. The same strategy works out to be beneficial over here too. When someone enters the kitchen, the respective lights and other suitable electrical instruments switch on by themselves. Upon exiting the place, the circuit is activated once again. Microwaves are also used to gain information about the presence of intruders nearby the house. With the help of suitable mechanisms, the house owner will be able to determine the position of the trespasser accurately. Please keep us updated with your findings and experiences.