Microwave Usage in Radars

If you have been to an airport, you might have already seen the radar in action. Have you ever noticed that a revolving antenna affixed atop the control tower? Most of the present generation airports have dedicated radar systems that might be located at a distinct location. Anyway, in the following segment, we will be looking into the uses and the operational procedure of radars.

If we consider the working principle of the radar, we will realize that the underlying technology is simple and easy to understand. It is a well-known fact that metals reflect short and long waves. In simple terms, the entire arrangement consists of a mechanism to generate various frequencies of microwaves. Suitable antennas will transmit these waves into the outer space. Think about it - there is a high tendency for these waves or at least a small portion of them to hit the surface of an airline. Naturally, the metallic surface will reflect a portion of the wave.

The reflected microwave will have a different wavelength - than the original transmission. It helps the machinery located at the airport to study the characteristics and details of the oncoming or outgoing airplanes. Do you realize the vantages of microwaves in radar systems?

The control of air traffic using radars is just one aspect of radars. Did you know that scientists and environmentalists use it to study the approaching seasonal changes? They deploy the same technology to gain understanding about the cloud patterns and predict weather. Ships also make good use of radars. When mounted atop a ship, it will help the crew to understand the obstacles that lie ahead of it. It is especially helpful during low visibility conditions. Many disasters that include ships occur chiefly due to the disabling of the integrated radar systems.

We all hate traffic cops. These entities always seem to know of our speeds. How do they do it? Scientifically speaking, they utilize a combination of Doppler Effect and microwaves to calculate the speeds of an oncoming vehicle. Needless to state, almost every state in this nation has a speed limit and upon crossing it, the cops would track you and bestow you with heavy fines. It is impossible to cheat the system because microwaves never make mistakes! Perhaps the technology is too simplistic.

These days, many research centers are deploying radars in extensive numbers to study about the structures present in the outer space - such as the planets and comets. By capturing the feeble reflected waves and with the aid of complicated imaging machinery, they can render precise drawings of planets and comets. Since the waves can slice through almost anything, cloud formations in the surface of the planets will never act as a spoilsport. Using radars, scientists could map the surface of Venus and the moon.

Certain supermarkets and departmental stores use radar technology to facilitate automatic closing and opening of doors. The list of practical applications of microwaves as radar is exhaustive. More is yet to materialize in the niche, though!