Microwave Usage in Navigation

Until now, we have seen the uses of microwaves in communication and radar systems. In this brief segment, we will be considering a slightly different use - deploying microwaves for navigational purposes. In fact, I have already skimmed through it in one of the previous sections (read microwave usage in radar).

Microwaves act as an effective medium for navigating anything for cars, airplanes, trains and even ships. Let us take into account the use of microwaves in passenger cars. I am certain that a good share of the readers might be already aware of global positioning systems (GPS). These are small and cute handheld systems that when affixed in the dashboard of the car will help you to travel to any desolate location very easily. The need to carry crates of maps (just like our ancestors) is highly eliminated thanks to microwaves. There are groups of satellites encircling the earth at all the times and data from these satellites will be fed into these handheld GPS systems. Talk about convenience at its best!

Microwaves are also used in an alternative manner in the modern generation of cars. Okay you will find the technology which I am about to illustrate over here in only some of the high end as well as expensive models. I am talking about parking sensors and automated parking systems found in luxury cars. Click a few buttons placed conveniently on the steering column and watch with wonder when the microwaves jump into action. The car will contain the appropriate machinery to generate microwaves as well as specialized sensors to capture the reflected waves. Thus with the aid of intricate computerized systems, the vehicle can park all by itself.

Next, we will consider the relationship between airplanes and microwaves. Do not confuse what I am about to list over here with radar systems (although we are looking at the same underlying mechanism). During unfavorable conditions, the pilot will find it extremely tough to land the airplane. However, in order to overcome such circumstances, airports place an instrument landing system. The system will detect the approach of an airplane and will interact with the computer systems placed abroad the plane. Over the years, researchers could perfect the system. Thanks to this technology, now you do not have to waste any additional time in the plane or in the airport awaiting the arrival of your loved ones!

Ships utilize microwave technology to foresee the obstacles that lie ahead of them. Ports also deploy it to help captains to understand the correct set of coordinates. To a novice, navigating a ship might appear simple. However, only someone who is well versed with the paradigm will be aware of the complications that await him or her, especially during foggy or rainy seasons. Passengers will be able to find out the exact location of trains and subways through the internet with the feasible use of microwaves. They can thus plan their trip in an appropriate manner.