Microwave Usage in Communication

Communication has turned out to be an integral part of the present day generation. We own all those fancy gadgets, which would help us to excel in our day-to-day activities. Have you ever thought about the underlying technology? I am certain that most of you might own a mobile phone. When you dial the phone, the instrument will establish a call. However, consider the underlying technology - how are calls set up in between two distances?

We hold on to wrong notions and proclaim them as facts. For instance, are you aware of the fact that wire-line technology is relatively newer in comparison to microwaves? Yes, most of the telecommunications companies operating in this nation and across the globe had to rely on microwaves to transmit signals across long distances. They did it by placing signal repeaters at preset locations.

Allow me to cite another simple instance where microwaves are utilized for communication. For the sake of simplicity, we will consider the earlier-mentioned gadget i.e. a mobile phone. Most of the phones of this generation come with advanced functions such as wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The former will help you connect to the internet without the aid of an extensive network or wires. The latter will enable you to transfer files to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

These two technologies are some of the most utilized variants of microwaves. If you search for wireless broadband technologies, you will come across certain weird sounding terms such as WiMAX. Telecom companies deploy this technology to enable users who are present in desolate locations to access the internet. Although there is a host of shortcomings to these, it has been used as a temporary form of high-speed internet in hotels and remote places.

Have you ever heard of satellite radios? Unlike the conventional AM or FM channels with which you might be familiar with, these radio channels will be available in any part of the globe. You just require the right set of machinery to capture the radio feed broadcasted by the satellite. The quality of the music that streams through such technologies are simply heavenly. Why do companies use microwaves for communication purposes? These waves inherently have a high bandwidth - hence, it can carry an array of signals without any degradation of the quality. Satellite television is also gaining wide acceptance among these masses. The list of uses of microwaves when it comes to communication never seems to end.

Lastly, we must thank the military for developing and augmenting the use of microwaves. Almost all the tech-gadgets that we own today and that which operate on microwaves have had their humble origins in some military development center! The military still uses the same technology to facilitate the communications in between the bases. Environmental changes do not affect the effectivity of microwaves. Whether it rains or snows, microwaves can easily slice through such detrimental factors to the receivers. There are various bands of microwaves and each one among them has unique functions.